What is AWS Fargate?

AWS Fargate Platform Versions

How does Fargate work?

  • Task Name
  • Task Role (Optional IAM role to make API calls)
  • Network Mode (Bridge on Linux, NAT on Windows)
  • Task Memory
  • Task CPU
  • Add the container name
  • Add the container image location
  • Specify memory limits
  • Create a Cluster
  • Select from EC2 Linux + Networking or EC2 Windows + Networking
  • Name the Cluster
  • Select a provisioning model (On-demand or Spot Instances)
  • Select the required EC2 Instance type — ie M5.large
  • Select the number of Instances to provision
  • Select the EBS storage size in GB
  • Add an SSH keypair if RDP access is required
  • Select whether to create a new VPC or utilise an existing one
  • Select or create a new security group
  • Set up Subnet1 and Subnet2
  • Create or select an IAM role for use by the ECS Container Agent



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