Top 20 Uses for Cloud Documentation

1. Visualize exactly what is running

2. Bring external consultants up to speed fast

3. Identify Rogue Resources

4. Facilitate good Communication Between Stake-holders

5. Comply with PCI compliance

6. Troubleshoot Network Bugs

7. Continuity when key technical staff leave

8. Identify problematic configuration changes

9. Quickly identify resources by tag

10. Inspect traffic ingress / egress

11. Visualize Hybrid Networks

12. Breakdown Cost Estimates by Resource

13. Onboard new engineers faster

14. Governance and Insurance

15. Eliminate bloated disorganised documentation

16. Isolate projects on shared infrastructure

17. Migration

18. Cloud Re-architecting

19. Fault Tolerance and Redundancy

20. Verify migration or build accuracy




Tech Writer, Developer, Marketer and Generator of Leads.

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Alan Blackmore

Alan Blackmore

Tech Writer, Developer, Marketer and Generator of Leads.

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