AWS Infrastructure Diagram

AWS Infrastructure Diagram Generator

Sitting down with Visio and your AWS Icon template pack is a daunting prospect if your AWS environment contains more than a handful of VPC’s, EC2 instances or a load balancer or two.

AWS Architecture Diagrams

There are a number of network topology diagrams that can prove useful to your engineering and DevOps team. These include an AWS Infrastructure diagram like this:

Custom AWS VPC Architecture Diagram

There is always somewhat of a compromise when it comes to generated documentation. The way that Hava discovers and builds diagrams is based at a VPC level. If more than one VPC is detected in your Amazon cloud account, then one diagram per VPC is created.

AWS VPC Diagram Generator

AWS VPC Components Diagram

Sometimes it is just not practical to include every single component onto a diagram. Take for instance Network Interfaces, Volumes or WAF Rules. In a large network with hundreds or maybe thousands of these non essential components, trying to visualize every single component would make the diagram practically unreadable, or certainly too busy to easily recognise the core components.

AWS Security Diagrams

Another major benefit of automating the discovery of your AWS environment diagrams is the ability to capture and visualize security group information.

AWS Security Architecture Diagram

AWS Well Architected Compliance

Hava also provides AWS Compliance Reporting via a reporting module on the environments dashboard.

Automated AWS Diagram Updates

Finally, your documentation is only useful if it is accurate. It is quite possible to spend weeks manually constructing network topology documentation only to have it rendered useless by a minor change to your network configuration.

Exporting AWS Network Topology Diagrams

Native AWS architecture diagrams created by Hava are the nearest we’ve seen to the examples and recommendations provided by AWS. These are great to view and interrogate via the dashboard, however sometimes you’ll need to pull a set of diagrams for audit purposes or for management or sales presentations.

AWS Network Topology Diagram — Editing

Should you want to manipulate or embellish your auto generated diagrams, exporting to VSDX format and using Visio, or any VSDX compatible drawing package will allow you to edit your diagrams as required.


There aren’t too many people that would dispute the benefits of perpetually accurate network documentation. Hava provides just this with:

  • Keeps the diagram sets updated
  • Retains a full set of diagrams in version history every time a resource changes
  • Provides a comprehensive API to allow IaC build pipeline integration
  • Provides a unique security view detailing security groups with visualized traffic ingress/egress
  • Coming soon true 3d and separate compliance reporting
  • Available as SaaS or fully self-hosted



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