AWS Diagram Maker

Hava’s AWS Diagram Maker

Getting started with Hava is simple. In line with AWS best practice, all you need to do is create a cross account role in AWS and use it to connect to your Hava account.

AWS Infrastructure View

AWS 3D Diagrams

As well as zoom, skew and stretch, on of the diagram canvas controls allows you to view a 3D render of your network topology. This view is also interactive, so you can select elements to change the attribute pane and highlight selected resources. The 3D view will also allow you to rotate the canvas and fly in & out to view the 3D models up close.

Export and Edit AWS Diagrams

Hava does not have an edit function, it will only diagram resources that actually exist. This is to maintain the integrity of your diagrams as a source of truth. What is running in your AWS account is what appears on your diagrams. This makes them an invaluable resource when faced with compliance or audit questions and enables you to be confident that the network you designed has been correctly provisioned. There can be no suggestion that resources on the diagram were not running, or that resources were running that are no longer on the diagram.

Auto Update AWS Diagrams

Just as creating diagrams manually can be a time consuming labour intensive task, keeping those diagrams up to date can be equally time consuming. With dev teams pushing infrastructure as code on a regular basis, or auto scaling operations adding and removing resources at will, it’s no wonder the majority of dev teams admit to not keeping on top of their network diagram documentation.

AWS Diagram Version Histor

When things go wrong and your application(s) stop working as expected, you need to find out what caused the outage as soon as possible. When Hava detects changes in your network infrastructure it creates a new diagram and places the superseded version into a version history.

AWS Security Group Diagram Maker

The next view is the Security Group view. This diagram lays out all your security groups down the page and overlays the open ports and traffic ingress/egress so your security team can visually assess vulnerabilities.

AWS Well Architected Compliance.

In addition to the diagrams, Hava also has a reporting module that contains an AWS compliance report. This report compares your AWS configuration with best practices and produces a report detailing what you have running and any adverse finding related to the configuration.

  • Region usage
  • Resources used in each region
  • IAM users and roles set up and in use
  • Compliance findings graded by informational, low, medium and high.
  • Detailed findings and recommendation to address the finding.

Hybrid AWS Diagram Maker

As well as AWS, Hava also supports Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. You create GCP and Azure diagram sets in much the same way as AWS. Once connected you then have the ability to create Hybrid diagrams.

Embed your AWS diagrams anywhere

Typically you need to provide a log in to users in order to view your Hava diagrams. It is possible however, to embed diagrams into properties that support iframe embeds.

Prefer to let your code do the talking?

Hava has a fully featured API to let you create, pull, export, add datasources and integrate documentation artifacts into CI/CD pipelines.



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