Auto Generate AWS Diagrams

Auto Generate AWS Architecture Diagram Sets

AWS Infrastructure View

Generate AWS Infrastructure diagram with interactive resources

Generate AWS Container Diagrams

Generate AWS Network Diagram for your Security Team

List all your discovered aws resources

Generate AWS VPC Diagrams using custom filters

  • Filter and diagram only the specific components of your environment you are interested in viewing
  • Combine data from separate environments into one diagram
  • Combine data from separate cloud providers into one diagram
  • View specific components from multiple sources on the one diagram
  • The search and filter box at the top of the environments dashboard is the starting point for creating a custom diagram and contains prompts for the available filters.

Automated AWS Diagram Updates

Auto generate AWS architecture diagram versions

AWS Diagram API


  • PDF
  • PNG
  • VSDX ( Editable diagrams using Visio or )
  • CSV
  • JSON




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