Amazon S3 Fundamentals

Object Storage in S3

How many S3 buckets can you create?

S3 Bucket Limitations

S3 Bucket Naming Convention

  • The name needs to be unique across all of S3
  • Minimum length of 3 (good luck with that) and 63 characters long
  • Only lowercase letters, numbers, dots and hyphens are allowed to meet DNS requirements.
  • The bucket name can only start with a letter or number, not a dot or hyphen and should not start with “xn-”
  • The bucket name should not end with “-s3alias” which is reserved for access point aliases.
  • Names shouldn’t be formatted as an ip address ie
  • Avoid using dots in the bucket name, unless you are intending to use it as a static website.

Amazon S3 object size limitations.

Amazon S3 Versioning

Amazon S3 Object Metedata

S3 Bucket Access Control

Amazon S3 Tags

AWS S3 Bucket Regions.

AWS S3 Static Websites

Using S3 buckets.

Securing S3 Data Access

AWS S3 Data encryption

S3 Storage Classes



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