Ec2 instances are the virtual machines provided by AWS that you can rent to run your application workloads. They can can vary from powerful instances with hundreds of processors capable of processing vast amounts of data quickly, down to small micro instances suitable for running microservices.

They are in reality areas of a piece of physical hardware with the capability to support the compute and memory characteristics of the virtual machine EC2 instance being offered.

There are different classifications of EC2 instance types.

The M class for instance is a middle of the road instance type with an even proportion…

AWS provides secure cloud based services for applications and data storage. These can be compute resources, databases, static assets like images, videos or audio files that you want your users to access.

The time it takes your web application or website to retrieve data and content is important in providing a good user experience.

CloudFront is a content delivery service that replicates data stored in AWS to other edge locations around the world so it can be served faster when requested by users nearer to that location.

When you create an AWS account, you select a specific region that will…

When you are building or operating applications built on Microsoft Azure, one of your primary concerns will be keeping track of any changes that impact the performance of your applications.

Whether that’s changes you are making manually or changes that are being made by the platform, you should be monitoring changes to make sure the user experience is always improving and not being negatively affected by network topology changes.

There’s no question that anyone involved in cloud computing solutions from network architects, application developers through to DevOps engineers appreciate the value of a well laid out network topology diagram.


Elastic Beanstalk is a platform within AWS that is used for deploying and scaling web applications. In simple terms this platform as a service (PaaS) takes your application code and deploys it while provisioning the supporting architecture and compute resources required for your code to run. Elastic Beanstalk also fully manages the patching and security updates for those provisioned resources.

There are many PaaS solutions in the cloud computing space including Redhat Open Shift, Google App Engine, Scalingo, Python Anywhere, Azure App Service, however AWS Elastic Beanstalk remains one of the leading PaaS choices among app developers.

There is no…

The best AWS diagram generator is certainly a subjective topic. Depending on how your cloud infrastructure is built, what technologies and automation pipeline you are using will definitely influence your view.

In terms of typical VPC deployment and the resources and services used to build modern cloud based applications, we believe the approach and layout generated by Hava when you connect it to your AWS accounts is a worthy contender for the best AWS diagram tool available, especially if automation and accuracy are important to you.

There are many reasons why you would want to accurately diagram and document your…

Cloud computing offers an attractive career path for people who are looking to work in IT or for people already established in the traditional IT landscape who want to re-skill and enter the world of cloud computing.

If you are currently involved in the traditional roles that exist in a classic on premise IT department, you probably fall into one or more of the following categories:


The IT architect role covers a range of responsibilities that revolve around designing IT frameworks to achieve a desired business outcome. These roles could include enterprise architecture, application architecture, storage architecture, network architecture and…

The Increasing adoption of cloud based infrastructure by businesses large and small is a testament to the benefits of moving from on premise hardware to infrastructure as a service or the cloud as it more commonly referred.

Easily scalable infrastructure is one major reason companies choose cloud solutions over traditional on-premise computer hardware. Adding additional storage capacity, faster compute capability by choosing instances using increased compute and memory is infinitely easier in the cloud than it ever was upgrading physical hardware.

Conversely the ability to scale back hardware requirements when storage or compute demands drop was never an option with…

The evolution of application software development over the last 15 years has given rise to new methodologies in the cloud computing space that were rarely seen when development was purely an in-house activity.

New ways to track versions and deploy software updates using automation and code repositories created the opportunity for developers to pass on the task of testing and deployment to team members who more often than not were responsible for the day to day operations of the network infrastructure supporting the applications being developed.

DevOps is the term used to describe engineers who fulfil the role of taking…

AWS EC2 Auto Scaling is the capability built into AWS that allows you to ensure you have the right number of EC2 instances provisioned to handle the load of your application. Using Auto-scaling, you can remove the guess work in selecting how many EC2 instances are required to provide an acceptable level of performance for your application without over-provisioning resources and incurring unnecessary costs.

When you are running workloads in production it is a good idea to use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor resource usage like CPU utilization, however when desired limits are exceeded, CloudWatch will not automatically provision more resources…

AWS STS is an AWS service that allows you to request temporary security credentials for your AWS resources, for IAM authenticated users and users that are authenticated in AWS such as federated users via OpenID or SAML2.0.

You use STS to provide trusted users with temporary access to resources via API calls, your AWS console or the AWS command line interface (CLI)

The temporary security credentials work exactly like regular long term security access key credentials allocated to IAM users only the lifecycle of the access credentials is shorter.

Typically an application will make an API request to AWS STS…

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